December 16, 2017

Help Desk Services/Remote Support

Allow your help desk technicians to save time and money while improving end-user satisfaction levels and improving close times by allowing the help desk staff to remotely manage and troubleshoot systems. Remote desktop management software is integrated with Team Viewer! Help Desk and Inventory modules, giving help desk technicians 1-click access to a remote system. Remote gives you the ability to provide effective desktop support remotely and detect, diagnose and resolve issues quickly. You can improve end-user satisfaction, improve resolution rates, reduce costs, justify the need for additional staff and keep work from falling through the cracks by keeping track of all tasks Help Desk software. Your technicians can spend time solving complex problems instead of reinventing the wheel every time an issue is reported by utilizing the integrated knowledge base. If you have multiple departments that need help keeping track of their work. Remote desktop support can keep your costs down, increase staff satisfaction, and increase productivity.

Benefits of Providing Desktop Support Remotely

Faster problem solving – When a staff member can directly call or chat with remote support, and share their desktop via remote technology, the troubleshooting process can start faster. IT technicians do not need to spend time gathering information about the client and the problem, and can quickly get to work solving the problem. Staff will be happy to have the problem solved without leaving the desk and get fast attention after close of business hours.

Better analysis of root cause issues – Since remote support technicians can directly see the desktop environment, they are better able to delve into the root cause affecting the client. Over time, this can lead to faster problem-solving and problem prevention.

Greater IT technician productivity – Existing IT techs know that the current problem-solving setup involves many delays. Techs may need to spend an hour or more recreating a staff member’s problem in order to better solve it. Additionally, problem-solving includes a not-insignificant amount of waiting time for computers to restart, apps to open, and so on. Add to this the time it takes to physically walk from one part of the building to another (or even between buildings) and the time savings potential is clear. Remote technicians have more time at their desks to complete tasks. Meanwhile, staff in need of tech support are less disrupted during the time the technician is problem-solving.

More informed staff are better able to troubleshoot – When staff turn to remote desktop support, they are able to watch the remote IT support technician troubleshoot the problem. They may be asked to help the tech correct the problem by performing certain actions, instead of just turning a work computer over to an in-house technician and taking a coffee break while the IT staffer fixes the problem. Over time, this leads to a more informed staff who may be better able to troubleshoot problems from the passive exposure to problem-solving.

More satisfied staff – When your staff receives faster problem-solving from help desk employees, they are liable to report greater work satisfaction. While your employees may require some adjustment, they will come around to loving the greater access to remote desktop troubleshooting. No matter were you are located, we can help you with your PC issues via our low cost remote support service while you are watching us resolve your computer problems remotely.