December 16, 2017


Hardwired Burglar Alarm System

With the hardwired burglar alarm system each device incorporated into the system requires a wire connecting the device to the central motherboard. While these systems can be retrofitted into an existing structures it’s typically best the wiring is run during the construction phase. When installed properly the wired burglar alarm system is the most reliable.


Wireless Burglar Alarm System

The most common type of alarm system today is a wireless alarm system. A wireless alarm system is easy to install and requires less maintenance than the name implies. Wireless door and window transfer transmitters are fastened to doors and windows. Wireless motion sensors are located in rooms of the house. In keypads are located in various rooms of the house.

Integrated alarm

The third type of burglar alarm system is what is called an integrated alarm. But it’s a great alarm performs multiple functions beyond that of a burglar alarm. Integrated alarm systems will have a burglar alarm feature built in, on Automation System feature built in, and a GSM cellular communication feature built in.